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Need to get somewhere in a hurry? Keen to avoid airport queues and long check-ins? Charter is the only mode of air travel that allows you to meet every business and leisure travel eventuality. Charter service hire is easier than you think.


Charter Services 

Encomm Aviation offers tailor-made services to suit the needs of our clients and is able to provide charter services within the East African region and beyond at the most competitive prices. We can provide charter flights to meet most requirements whether for a private holiday‚ corporate travel or group travel. Our team will tailor-make specific transportation requirements of traders‚ NGOs‚ businesses‚ Public Authorities‚ amongst others. The cost of a charter flight depends on the size of the aircraft needed to accommodate the number of people. We serve a wide range of businesses and individuals across a spectrum of industries.

Why choose Encomm Aviation for Charter Flights

  • Professional: Our expert team listens to you‚ evaluates your request‚ and arranges the best flight for your needs under optimum conditions.
  • Dedication to Customer Service – We offer a fresh new approach to customer service and are committed to providing our clients with the highest service. We offer a 24-hour service‚ 7 days a week and availability serves most airports in Kenya with a minimum of an hour’s notice.
  • Impeccable Safety Record – Our highly qualified pilots have a wealth of experience and have been trained to the highest possible aviation standards. With our exemplary safety record‚ our high-profile clients entrust their safety to our reliable hands.
  • Reputation for Reliability – We have a proven track record and high retention rate in offering flexible solutions to our established client base. We understand the importance of delivering our valued passengers safely‚ securely and within schedule to their chosen destination anywhere in Kenya
  • Competitive Rates – We offer the industry’s most competitive aircraft charter rates without compromising on the quality‚ exceptional customer service and high safety standards demanded by our clients.
  • Privacy -Privacy is one of the key reasons most high-level executives choose to fly charter. When you are discussing private matters we have you covered.