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About Encomm Aviation

Encomm Limited is a leading aircraft provider offering unique, tailored solutions for an ever-changing world. Through our operator Transafrican Air we are fully licensed to operate scheduled, non-scheduled and adhoc air charter services in Kenya and the greater African region.

Encomm specializes and offers comprehensive experience in tailored air cargo solutions for humanitarian and government organizations; regional cargo consolidators and airline partners; as well as corporates and individuals with short term, long term, scheduled and ad-hoc need for aircraft.

At Encomm our goal is to provide clients with consistently high quality service.

Established in 2009, Encomm Limited is a Private Limited Company with interests in energy, air cargo and marine fishing. The headquarters of Encomm Limited is on the second floor of Airport Trade Centre, at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.


To deliver world-class safe and secure air transport, as well as a range of value-adding aviation support services.


We aim to be market leaders in the segments where we operate and the partner of choice for customers worldwide.

Why choose Encomm Limited for Cargo Delivery

Our unwavering commitment to high standards of safety, customer experience, quality and reliability has uniquely positioned Encomm to meet and exceed all our clients’ air transport expectations. This unwavering commitment has established Encomm as an emerging premier charter and cargo company in the aviation industry in Africa.


Our expert team listens to you, evaluates your request, and arranges the best flight for your needs under optimum conditions.


Our Cargo Charter Department moves quickly to expedite the entire process, from the charter request form to the delivery of the cargo.


Cargo is handled, loaded/unloaded, transported, and delivered to its consignee with the same top-level care the customer shows to its shipment.


Top-level safety measures are implemented throughout the process, from the delivery of your cargo to our terminal, to its transportation via our aircraft, from storage to delivery to the consignee.


Cargo Charter examines the requirements of each customer, produces individual optimum solutions, and minimizes the costs of solution-oriented, fast, secure and high-quality service to maximize customer satisfaction.

We take pride not only in expertise and efficiency but also in living and working with a human touch.

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